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What if the path to a better life is the path you are avoiding?

In the mid-1970s, Ben, a Greek student attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, meets and falls in love with Shelley, a beautiful American classmate. Upon his graduation he must make a choice: will he keep his promise to his parents not to marry an American and return to Greece, or will he break his promise, marry Shelley and stay in America?


Follow along on Ben’s fascinating life journey from a poor village on Mount Olympus, Greece, to America and beyond, as he explores how his family stories, his education, and unconventional choices helped him find love, and a better life, in an unexpected place.


Ben’s stories will entertain and inspire you to contemplate your own life journey, and how our family stories, and the ones we create and share enhance our lives and our legacy.

From the Back Cover

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